Areas of Speciality
- Men’s Issues
- Sexual Addiction
- Couple’s Counseling
- PreEngagement & Premarital Counseling
- Skype Internet / Video Counseling
- Men’s Groups / Group Therapy
- Student Counseling

- Other Addictions / Issues:
Men’s Issues

No man wants to admit that they are struggling with life. We have been told that ‘real men don’t have problems’. So we spend our lives trying to look like we have it ‘all together’ - when in reality - sometimes life is a train wreck! It’s full of problems, pain, is hard, difficult, messy and sometimes it is just unbearable. That’s where counseling comes in. Counseling allows men to wrestle with life’s problems in the privacy of a counselor’s office with the help of a skilled therapist who understands life’s problems and knows how to deal with them.

Christian Counseling adds in a additional dimension that is often over looked - ‘the GOD factor’. As much as we might think we are the center of the Universe - we are not! GOD is actively at work to capture our attention so that we will build a relationship with Him and bring Him into every area of our lives.

Some of the issues that men tend to struggle with are...

* GOD Stuff
* Integrity
* Sex
* Addictions
* Identity
* Loneliness
* Significance
* Depression
* Shame & Guilt
* Double / Multiple Lives
* Children & Youth
* Work & Goals
* Woman down the hall
* Porn
* Perfume, little back dress
* Family Baggage
* Inappropriate feelings & emotions
* Inappropriate relationships
* Narcissism
* Selfishness
* Inappropriate thoughts
* Entitlements
* Inappropriate choices
* Inappropriate behaviors
* Lack of feelings and emotions
* Life Stage Issues
* Lack of Friendships
* Thought Life
* Telling the wife
* Acting out
* Personal History
* Communication
* Security
* Marriage
* A Need to Belong
* Codependency
* Purpose
* Worth
* Values
* Pain
* Family
* Reward
* Money
* Survival
* More sex

Sexual Addiction: For More Information Click Here

Thirty five years ago the concept of "Sexual Addiction" was totally foreign to us. It was thought that if a person had continual desire for sex that they were just "horny", lustful, affectionate, reprobate or just being a “Guy". Now we have a better understanding that there are two major types of addictions. “Substance Addictions” (such as alcohol, drugs {illegal or prescription}, nicotine, caffeine and/or food) and "Behavioral Addictions" (such as sex addiction, gambling, gaming, spending, stealing, shopping, cleaning or working).

The statistics are now in ... “In the United States, there are 18 million alcoholics, 4 million addicted to food, 4 million drug addicts and 16 million sex addicts.” The sex industry is HUGE - $57 Billion Worldwide, $12+ Billion in the United States. It is larger than all the sport franchises put together. Bigger than ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX together. It is now the #1 reason marriages end in divorce in America.

Although each addiction is unique, sexual addiction tends to be the most damaging of all the addictions. Sexual Addiction damages a person’s heart (i.e. their theology, Identity, purpose, significance, sense of belonging & security, values, and how a person deals with pain and reward), thoughts, feelings, choices, behaviors and relationships (especially the covenant relationship).

Couple’s Counseling
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could always live in marital bliss? Unfortunately, couples have been struggling to hold it together since the Garden of Eden. As much as we try we are often are bombarded with problems and pressures of...

* temptation
* identity
* housing
* fun
* careers
* priorities
* infidelity / adultery
* love & respect
* health
* enemies
* gender differences
* pets
* spiritual maturity
* roles & responsibilities
* freedom
* friends
* anger
* aging parents
* love making
* codependency
* narcissism
* grown children
* selfishness
* abandonment
* spiritual abuse
* diet
* sexual pain
* communication
* purpose
* transportation
* passion
* children
* spiritual leadership
* TV, Movies, Internet, Chat
* date nights
* boundaries
* family members
* fighting
* goals & visions
* worship styles
* trauma
* abuse
* commitment
* adoption
* physical pain
* past relationships
* unfaithfulness
* inappropriate emotions
* death
* Step Children
* conflict resolution
* loss of faith & hope
* loss of interest
* sexual dysfunction

* money
* values
* fidelity
* intimacy
* In-Laws & Out Laws
* work schedules
* income
* home groups
* roles
* children
* sexual needs / desires
* life stages
* decision making
* past luggage
* unresolved issues
* travel
* habits
* character qualities
* unforgiveness
* retirement
* loneliness
* blended families
* child birth / stages
* emotional affair
* thinking errors

Love and marriage are hard work!

To have a healthy marriage it takes two healthy individuals who understands that sometimes marriage is not fun - but it is worth the investment! Couples Counseling is about helping couples work through the problems and pressures of marriage. It is giving a fresh perspective and the tools to work through the issues of marriage. Sometimes it is not fun! But this relationship is a long term, life long investment into both of your lives. This investment will impact your children and your grandchildren for years to come. This is about helping two individuals to become healthy individuals so that they can build a strong and healthy marriage.

PreEngagement and Premarital Counseling

Pre-engagement and Premarital Counseling is process of helping young couples discover and understand the person they want to marry ... before they say “I do!”. It is also the process of getting rid of as much “baggage” as possible so that it it is not dragged into the wedding.

The difference between pre-engagement and premarital counseling is that pre-engagement counseling should happen before there is an engagement and all the invitations are sent out. The benefit of pre-engagement counseling is that it gives the couple an opportunity to take a hard look at each other without the pressures and commitments of a impending wedding. This tends to be a more objective and clear thinking approach to examining the couple’s relationship. Although the hope is that the couple go on to be married, the goal of the therapist is to help each person know and understand who they are about to marry and what they are getting themselves into. For this to happen the couple will have some homework and will discuss a number of relevant topics such as ... spiritual maturity, gender roles, budgets, dreams and goals, family history, traditions and expectations, past dating relationships, sex, addictions, mental, emotional, physical and relational health.

Internet Phone and Video Counseling

Skype Internet Phone and Video Counseling has become a tremendous help to people who are of need of counseling who are in remote locations, on the road or in foreign countries. With Skype, Skyview Counseling can literally work with any individual or couple in the world!

Skype uses AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), also known as Rijndael, which is used by the US Government organizations to protect sensitive, information. Skype uses 256-bit encryption, which has a total of 1.1 x 1077, which means it is very secure. This give clients the confidence that their sessions are confidential and won’t end up on “YouTube” by some hacker in Africa. Skype Counseling allows a client to be anywhere for a counseling session. However, there are a few things required for Skype Counseling to take place...

1) A fairly new and fast computer.
2) A high speed internet connection.
A Skype account.
4) A web camera with a headset or use of speakers and a mic.
5) Establish a
PayPal account.
6) Pay, in advance, the counseling fee through PayPal to:
7) Set up an appointment with Skyview Counseling.
8) Grace: Since the first session is always the hardest - the first half hour is free! This will allow both Skyview and the client to work out any equipment problems before the actual session starts.

For more information about Skype - Internet Phone and Video Counseling please contact:

Skyview Counseling at (360) 991-7700