This wonderful picture was taken by Joe Orsak, who has graciously allowed me to use it on my website. 

*Our website version of this picture has some minor Photoshop modifications that differ from the original.

"The picture is divided into two sections by the horizon line.  Everything above the horizon is vivid and colorful while everything below the horizon line is muted / de-saturated.  Above the line is everything beautiful that is the result of what was nailed to the cross below, the muck and the mire that is humanity and what we were freed from.  Only when the muck and the mire (Below the line) is nailed to that cross can we be free to praise him for all the beauty (above the line) that we are intended for." To GOD be the glory.

Skyview Book List: 

Below you will find a selection of recommended books to be used as resources. Please roll your mouse over the book covers to reveal more information about each selected title.

a) Sexual Addiction: Testimony of Nate Larkin 

b) Childhood Abuse and Pain: Testimony of Lisa Luby Ryan

c) Drug & Alcohol Addiction: Testimony of Josh Hamilton

d) The "Perfect Marriage": Testimonies of the Scruggs

e) Adultery / Hurting Each Other: Testimonies of the Parks